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Design Series
IdenTile Series
Standard Range

Our cities are filled with stories of cultural identities that were born from the core of humanity. IdenTile is about touching that core again. We fused the unique identities of the cities with the natural elements to express our coexistence with nature. These patterns are symbolic art form of our contemporary taste with a modern twist for our living space.

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Tile Design

IndusTile Series
Premium Range

The curiosity to explore materials has been the reason for our evolution as a species. IndusTile talks about the relationship between men and material. Inspired by the magnitude of our consumption of natural resources, the design highlights the changes brought by the Anthropocene period. Hence, this series upcycles the maximum amount of particulate matter pollution.

Making Process

Every Carbon Tile is handcrafted right from the start. The process begins with Cutting, Shaping, Joining, Filling and lastly, Forming the tile. The recovered carbon is initially processed to make it application oriented at our facility in Karnataka, and fused with a mixture of binder and natural materials like marble derivatives to craft Carbon Tiles. The whole process consumes less energy compared to the conventional tiles.


Product Specifications
  • Size
  • 200mmX200mm and above
  • Thickness
  • 20mm to 30mm
  • Water Absorption
  • < 10%
  • Wet Transverse Strength
  • > 3N/mm2
  • Color
    • C01
    • C02
    • C03
    • C04
    • C05
  • Finish
  • Unpolished
    (Polishing onsite is required)

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